Tax business with acquisitions

Precedent said that the deal will help the company “gain traction” in the real estate component servicing space.

“The acquisition has been a natural transition for our team,” said Amy Sanchez, Precedent Management’s co-CEO.

“We were able to retain key executives and associates, proprietary technology and gain significant market share,” Sanchez added. “All of which contributes to our overall goal of offering comprehensive HOA, tax and utility solutions for mortgage servicers, lenders and agencies nationwide.”

Rob DeWald, Precedent’s other co-CEO, said that the company is looking to the future.

“We are excited to expand our product lines using the acquisition of technology rights as a basis to develop and offer new and innovative lien curative solutions for our clients,” DeWald said. “Keeping our client’s position in first place is our ultimate priority.”

Detroit Police spokesman Dan Donakowski said officers were called to the location after the body was discovered. The home, he said, was being rented to a family and did not use the garage.

The potential homeowner “opened up the car door and observed this decomposed body inside,” Donakowski said. “We talked to the current tenants of that location and they were told that the actual homeowners had said basically don’t go in the garage, don’t put anything in the garage.”


The news is a reminder of a story back in September 2015 of a home in San Francisco that sold for $1.56 million. So what’s the catch? Just a few months before, a mummified corpse of the homeowner was found in the house. Apparently the homeowner’s daughter was living in the house and was a hoarder. But the shocking news didn’t keep buyers away from the home.